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Selecting a right bit for your diamond core drilling jobs

An exploration core driller’s success depends on the productivity and performance of their drilling equipment. With today’s contractors facing heightened pressure to increase productivity and reduce costs, choosing the right diamond coring bit for the job has never been so important. Improper bit selection can lead to productivity loss, poor core recovery, hole problems and unnecessary wear and tear on rigs, rods and downhole tools.

A driller, whether drilling a shallow hole or a deep hole, is very important. The driller is responsible for finding the best cutting performance and production of a diamond core bit. The balances penetration rates and bit life by altering weight on bit to maximize results. Experienced drillers can typically get more out of bits because they have a better understanding of drilling practices and experience cutting multiple types of ground formations.

Another critical consideration when selecting a bit is the ground formation. It is important for drillers to perform appropriate research to determine what lies beneath the surface. Ground formations are generally gauged on a hardness scale. The Mohs scale measures hardness on a range from 1 to 10, with 10 being the hardest. The hardness of the ground should be measured in selecting the appropriate impregnated bit formula.

While taking into account the driller’s experience, the equipment and the ground formation, contractors should choose the bit based off hole and core size. Bits with extended diamond crowns can significantly improve productivity through reduced rod tripping as the bit stays in the hole longer. Extended crown bits with formulas made for broken formations, like the stage waterway designs, can generate even higher efficiency and production by advancing the hole farther in challenging conditions.

For soft formations, large natural diamond surface-set bits were traditionally used and recommended. When drilling deep holes, the bit can encounter a wide range of ground formations, utilizing a bit that can handle the varied hardness of the ground is a benefit to the efficiency of the driller, Diamond impregnated bits are typically chosen for their ability to penetrate specific rock conditions.

We at Guizhou Vilong remain dedicated to diamond coring innovation that will enable drillers to maximize productivity and cost savings for years to come.

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