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Core Barrel Assembly (2) - Outer Tube Assembly

In Conventional Coring systems, the outer tube threads to the head assembly, which threads directly to the rod string. In Wireline coring systems, the outer tube assembly consists of the landing ring, adapter coupling, locking coupling, outer tube, inner tube stabilizer, reaming shell and drill bits:

1. Apply a light coating of lithium grease to the outside of the landing ring and the counter bore of the outer tube, and insert into the outer tube.

2. Thread the adapter coupling onto the outer tube.

3. Thread the locking coupling to the adapter coupling.

4. Install the inner tube stabilizer into the bore of a new reaming shell, and then thread it onto the outer tube. The stabilizer centers the inner tube. See "Installing Bits and Reaming shells" below.

5. Tighten all joints with an outer tube wrench or pipe wrench.

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