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XQ Wireline drill rods

Boart Longyear is launching new XQ Wireline Drill Rod for use in drilling and coring applications in the mining industry. Well-known for introducing the Q rod and then the RQ rod, Boart Longyear’s patented and innovative XQ rods add even more value as they are proven to be stronger, last longer, and are easier to make and break.

“Our customers are looking to get the most out of the drilling products they purchase,” says Chris Lambert, global product manager. “If a rod doesn’t perform, project costs and hours can quickly add up. Customers continually choose high-quality Boart Longyear rods, casings, and drill bits because they have proven reliability and longevity. The XQ rod provides many advantages resulting in productivity and cost efficiencies immediately being realized.”

According to the company, over 10,000 XQ rods have been tested already at nearly 30 different exploration locations, and customers are excited about the benefits XQ rods bring to their drilling projects. As an example, a recent string of well-maintained XQ rods lasted nearly 20,000 meters of drilling, double the footage reached by RQ rods at the same site.

What makes XQ rods so revolutionary are the patented XQ thread joints. Featuring innovative self-aligning, double-start threads, the XQ rod’s joints engage smoothly and eliminate wedging or jamming—a common challenge with single-thread rods—so make and break functions are much easier. Doubling the thread also means double the contact area for a balanced load response which translates to no box bulging. The thread design also includes a -20 degree reverse flank angle for even more strength and load capacity.

Mike Garton, drilling services division manager for coring in Canada, adds, “The new XQ thread provides the smoothest making and breaking of any rod I have used in my 25-year career in drilling. The XQ rods align better and don’t require back-turning the rods to start. This saves us time and not having the rods jamming means more meters drilled.”

To minimize thread wear, Boart Longyear adds hardening to the crest of the pin thread to maximum hardness and create a significant hardness difference between pin and box. The hardness difference is proven to minimize wear and preserves the toughness in the joint required to carry drilling loads. According to the company, no other manufacturer combines heat-treated ends with pin case hardening.

Another distinct advantage is that XQ’s rod weight has been reduced by utilizing an exclusive new W-Wall tubing design. A thicker mid-body and rod ends provide a more uniform bend and outer wear distribution, reducing mid-body wear compared to other variable wall rods. W-Wall’s inner diameter gives more space to allow drilling fluid to pass by inner tube assemblies during wireline tripping. In fact, tests have shown wireline tripping to be up to 50 percent faster in XQ rods than in conventional parallel wall rods.

Shown to have double the thread life, up to 25 percent more box life, and up to 60 percent more strength than its predecessor, XQ drill rods increase the depth rating to 4,000 meters—a 33 percent increase over RQ rods. The combination of heat treatments and innovative engineering makes XQ rods the ultimate in performance and longevity.

Boart Longyear offers drilling services, equipment and performance tooling for the mining industry. The company has more than 9,000 employees worldwide, manufactures equipment in six global factories, and sells to customers in more than 100 countries.

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